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There are three types of oranges:

  • Sweet Orange - the most common. There are varieties that are exclusively grown for immediate consumption and juice production. Navels are the most popular eating orange. They are a good sized fruit; easy to peel, with no seeds. They have a good juice content and an excellent taste balance.
  • Sour Orange –for marmalade.
  • Blood Orange - with a red-orange colour.


  • All citrus fruit is very sensitive to cold temperatures.
  • Citrus fruit should be stored at 41-43° F (5 - 6°C) and may keep for up to 12 weeks.
  • Clementines are very sensitive to tainting so should not be stored near to other products with a strong aroma


  • Quality fruit will be firm to the touch and and free of imperfections. The skin should be shiny.
  • The weight of an orange should match its size. A larger fruit which weighs the same as a smaller one will have more skin, less pulp and juice.
  • A mature clementine has an all over intense colour. They are also more sensitive to bruising and should be treated with care.
  • Citrus should not be displayed under refrigeration.
  • Fruit should be inspected daily to check the quality.


  • May through November.